Procedural generation using Quantum

Too lazy to design game levels? Use procedural generation.

We will be dealing with application of procedural generation in generating dynamic maps. Procedural generation has been achieved by classical computers but how can it be achieved using quantum? This article explains how.

Superposition for dummies
Qubit be like
  • Step 1: Circuit Generation - Here we came up with a quantum circuit that generates random values to map on the generated map whose main purpose was to use the random counts generated as a gradient of the map landscape. We used a 2 qubit quantum circuit, therefore we expected 4 output counts of bit values: 00, 01, 10, 11.
Circuit image
  • Step 2: Map Generation - At this stage we created methods for map generation that utilises the random gradient values, this was achieved through adding pixel values to the map determining what to plot as land and what as ground and achieving realism. Realism was achieved by the perlin noise algorithm that creates realism in computer generated content. Perlin noise is an algorithm used to create realism in computer generated content hence creating naturally appearing textures.



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